Medical Records Review

Medical Records Review

Medical Records ReviewA relevant medical records review is often burdensome for other medical-legal consultants dealing with a number of cases involving personal injury, multiple practitioners, and more. It is here that The Accident & Injury Institute can provide that much needed assistance.

Reports and Rebuttals

We offer comprehensive and dedicated support, by Licensed Physicians, with our quality medical records review and report writing services. thus enhancing the ability to successfully present your cases.

Communication (Pre-Trial)

While the investigation and analysis of incidents and losses are important, the ultimate challenge for some is to effectively communicate complex, technical issues to clients, insurance companies, judges, and juries. Many incidents and serious losses are handled at the insurance claims level, without resorting to litigation. In these cases, a thorough medical records review  and appropriate report will help present the facts of a case allowing you to have the information at hand to best handle or successfully negotiate a claim.

Trial Prep / Trial


We can assist with every step of the medical records review process from initial data collection and investigation to analysis, research, opinion development, causation and more. When deposition and trial testimony are required, our consultants are admitted as expert witnesses for all of the above and can offer opinions also as Licensed Physicians, where some consultants may not be qualified to discuss the causation of injuries or necessity of treatment. You may also desire to have our consultants assist with: motions in limine, exam / cross-exam / re-exam question formulation, to maximize your presentation outcome.

Beyond Medical Records Reviews

Dr Greg Hauser has completed his training in Accident Reconstruction at The Institute of Police Technology and Management at the University of North Florida and his certification through the Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstruction (ACTAR). He is currently the ONLY physician of any kind in Arizona to have this certification. Usually this certification is acquired by police officers and engineers. This gives him a multi-faceted approach to cases where accident dynamics are in question, allowing him to render opinions beyond medical (injuries and treatment). This is useful for both Plaintiff and Defense.

You will not find this in any other expert witness in Arizona!